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Find Your Nashville Wedding Valet Parking

Your wedding is about many things. It is about love of course first and foremost. But we know that you also want it to be about your style and elegance and a celebration. There are many ways that you can show these qualities off on your wedding day. But one way that many people do not usually think of is by hiring a professional valet service. A valet service says many things. It says luxury and convenience and security. Your guests will feel like absolute kings and queens when they show up and find themselves using a valet service. Think about how special it will be when elegantly attired valets open doors, greet your guests and escort them to the front entrance. And think about the peace of mind your guests will have knowing that the valet service that you hired has their car in a safe place. So, now you can see how special this experience will be for your guests. To make it happen, you will need to start searching throughout the Nashville area for a professional valet service that will make your dream wedding even that much more amazing. And we would like to help you with your search as much as we possibly can so we have put together a brief guide that will help you with your search and eventual hire.

Of course, you need to find some valet parking services in your area as your first step. We suggest that you start by asking your family, friends and coworkers about any valet services they may have experienced in the past. If they thought the service was operated professionally, be sure to make note of the respective company's name. You can also browse the web using a search like: "valet services near me". This should provide you with a number of potential valet services to check out. And then of course there is always your wedding vendors. They could be a potential great source of information in this regard as well. Your next step is to take your list and start calling each valet service in order to setup a meeting to talk about your parking needs for your wedding. At each visit, make sure you have a discussion about their experience. This is a quality you want to take seriously. If they have been in business for awhile, there is a good reason for it. Of course you need to find out how much their service will cost based on the number of guests you will be having and the number of attendants that you will need. Ask them how they charge, by the hour or per attendant they provide. Another option is to have your guests pay so much per car, but we recommend against this because this is something special you can do for your guests and making them pay for parking is not going to make them feel very special. How well do they train their valets? Do they place an emphasis on safety and customer service?

Are they insured and licensed? How many valets will they provide? How much would each additional valet cost? Take pictures with you of what the parking area looks like at your venue. What are their suggestions or comments based on these pictures. Considering what time your reception is starting and ending, ask the representative when the valets would show up and setup.

What happens if there is inclement weather? For instance will the valets have umbrellas in case it starts raining? Your guests will certainly appreciate this. Are you having your wedding at an off time like the winter. If so, what will the valets that are provided do about snow and ice? These are details that you need to ask about and that you need to pay attention to. Where will your guests be waiting for their car when they are leaving? The answers you receive should help you make an informed decision on the professional valet service that would be best for your big day.

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