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Find Your Nashville Wedding Tanning Salon

It is time for some wedding talk and we know that is why you are here. You have been doing everything you can to make sure your wedding is a spectacular event. But we know that what you are interested in the most is looking your absolute best on your big day. And a big part of looking your best is attaining that radiant glow of a gorgeous bride. We know that in the past tanning received a really bad name in some circles, but a lot has happened in recent years, a lot has changed. A high quality tanning salon should be able to take you in and enhance your skin tone to the place where you will be totally satisfied. But that doesn't mean that we believe that all tanning salons are created alike because that is just not true. This is still a decision that needs to be fully thought out and you need to do your due diligence in finding a tanning salon that not only has high quality equipment, but also a staff of knowledgeable professionals that can guide you into achieving the tan you crave in a very safe way. In order to ensure that this transpires, you will need to do some investigative work in the Nashville area. Below you will find a guide to help you do just that. We wish you well in locating the tanning salon that will give you exactly what you desire.

Alright, are we ready to start searching for that perfect tan? There are a few different places that you can start your search in order to come up with some potential candidates to interview. One of the best sources are people that are in your inner circle. Start approaching your family, friends and coworkers and asking them if they have ever used a tanning salon. Pick their brain in terms of how satisfied they were with their experience and with the equipment and the staff at the salon they went to. Did they end up with the glow they were looking for? If everything they experienced was positive, then simply jot down the name of the salon. We also suggest that you do a web search for tanning salons in your immediate vicinity. This search will give you the quite a few candidates that you can check out online. Be sure to take a deeper look at each website and make a determination on whether they come off as professional. You can also pick the brain of the vendors you have already hired. These sources will sometimes be able to give you at least three to five candidates that you can visit personally. It's always good practice to setup a time when you can tour the salons and talk to a representative about what they can offer you. When you arrive, talk for a bit about how the tanning beds work at their facility. Ask them how safe it is. You want to get a vibe for the knowledge of the staff. Do they give you a confidence or are they tripping over their words quite a bit. Talk about what kind of plan they would put you on considering the date of your wedding. How up to date is their equipment, is it of the highest quality? How often is it maintained?

It is really important for you to find out the best lotions you should use while you are tanning. Never make the decision to use lotions from a discount store or what we would dub non-salon quality lotions. Most of these contain cheaper ingredients that are really bad for your skin. Have a discussion at each salon that you visit about the type of lotion that would be the best for you and your skin type. If they mention using anything less that professional and salon grade lotions, move onto the next candidate. Never use a salon that does not use or suggest professional grade lotions. You will want to determine how much this will cost based on how much you will need for all of your sessions. Ask what kind of program you should be on based on how far out your wedding is and what shade you would like to be for your wedding day. Another great question to ask is what they recommend that you wear during your session. Most people either wear a bathing suit or nothing at all. What about eyewear? Talk about lip balm and what they need to be protected with. Can you wear makeup while you tan? What about medication, make sure you tell each salon if you are on medication. Have a short discussion about moisturizing. This should be part of your mode of operation and they should recommend that you moisturize before and after each tanning session to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Show the consultant what your gown looks like so they can determine if you do decide to wear something into the tanning bed, what would be best. These questions are a very good start and should give you enough information in order to determine which candidate would be best for you. You could also ask about a spray tan and whether it would be appropriate for you. Check out their packages and try to locate one that would fit you perfectly. By this point, you should be ready to make an informed decision. Good luck on that amazing tan.

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