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You don't want your entire wedding to be about only the regular details of a wedding day. Let's face it, all of your guests are used to the drill by now, ceremony then reception hall then eating then dancing and then home. Why bot have an added attraction at your wedding, something that everyone can have some fun with and at the same time take away a memorable keepsake as well. We are talking about renting a photo booth. Think about how unique this attraction will be as an addition to your wedding day. Your family and friends will be able to capture memories from your big day and have great fun in the process. We realize there are many factors to consider, but we would love to help with what needs to be considered as you check out the Nashville area in order to find the perfect vendor. So, as we urge you to do something different, become familiar with the guide below, we hope it helps you locate a photo booth that will bring much joy to you and everyone who graces your wedding.

We cannot stress to you enough that you need to take your time in this search. There are a lot of different photo booth vendors out there and not all of them will provide you with a booth that you will be totally satisfied with. And you want to make sure that you provide quality to your guests, the last thing that you want is for them to walk away wondering where in the world you found that piece of junk. But before you make any final decisions on who to hire, you need some candidates to evaluate. So, to make that happen, start by asking your friends, family and coworkers about any photo booths they might have seen or experienced at an event. If there experience was a quality one, find a way to get the name of the company that provided the booth. Your wedding vendors should be able to give you at least a couple of names. And a third way that we highly recommend is to do a Google search for "photo booths in the Nashville area." Start clicking on the results from your search and checkout each photo booth website in depth. If any strike you as a quality operation, add them to your list to check out. By this time, you should have a nice list to start investigating. It is a very good idea to visit each facility and check out the photo booths in person while you also have an opportunity to interview a representative from the company.

Without being able to take a look at one of the actual photo booths, you will be taking a real chance. Just because you see one thing a website doesn't mean that is what the booth will look like when it arrives at your wedding. If any of the companies on your list say no to you coming by their facility, be very wary and in fact, cross them off of your list. You want someone who is transparent, not someone who appears to be hiding something. Once you are on-site, have the vendor take you for a spin in the booth. This is also your opportunity to ask questions. Talk about how long they have been in business. Ask for testimonials. You want to see that they have a track record of customers that have been more than satisfied with the service provided by the vendor. They should be able to provide you with at least three references. Make sure that you call each reference and have a discussion about how things went at their event. As you operate the booth, ask yourself how you like the prints. What sizes do they offer in terms of prints? How many copies will your guests receive? What does the booth look like, is it well maintained or does it look like it has just been through a war? This is important because it will be a focal point at your reception and you want it to look vibrant, well maintained and clean.

Talk about licensing and insurance. If the booth were to stop working at your wedding, what would happen? Will there be a representative on-site who will be able to fix it or would another booth be brought in? How long would that take? Talk about the package pricing they offer. What exactly is included in each one? What about the backdrops? Is there more than one that your guests could pick from? How many hours are included in the price? Now that you have all of the pertinent information that you will need, you are ready to sit down and make a decision.

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