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There are many factors that go into you looking your absolute best for your wedding day. If there was ever one day that you want to shine, it is this day. And to make sure that happens, you have found the most amazing dress that complements you in a big time way. You have also hired a hair stylist that will style your hair on your big day. And you have went to all of the trouble of starting tanning sessions so you can have that amazing glow for your special day. And now, all that is left to do is to find and hire a professional makeup artist that will apply your makeup so as to give you the look and feel of a Hollywood movie star. This is not the kind of hire that you want to take lightly. There are numerous considerations and questions that you will need to pose to any candidate that you are considering to work on you. This is probably not the kind of hire that you make everyday so you might need some advice on how to even find a makeup artist that is right for you. With that in mind, we have come to the rescue with a guide that should lead you to some candidates to pursue and then eventually to the professional makeup artist who will more than satisfy you.

We are betting that there is a very good chance that you have never hired a makeup artist before. With that in mind you may not even know where to begin to look for potential makeup artists. We suggest that you start by asking friends, family and coworkers about any experiences they might have had in the makeup world. And we do stress that you look for a professional makeup artist. Do not and we repeat do not leave your big day up to someone who claims they have applied makeup a lot or read a lot of articles about makeup and therefore they consider themselves an expert. No, you want someone with real training and who is certified in applying makeup professionally. You can always do a Google search for "professional makeup artists in the Nashville area." You will want to check out any results that you see and peruse individual websites and review sites that might give a window into any vendor that you want to check out more closely. Keep in mind that your wedding vendors are also a great potential source because they are usually well connected in term wedding related services. What you basically want to do is make out a list of at least three to five makeup artists. Call each one and see if they have your wedding date open on their calendar. For the ones that do, setup a date and time to interview them and discuss your wedding and makeup needs.

When you are sitting across from each artist face to face, ask them how long they have been doing bridal makeup. Find out how many brides they have worked on in the past year. Another important question is to find out if they will be attempting to work on multiple brides on your wedding day. If they say yes, there's no reason to pursue this person any further. Your big day is too important to worry about competing for time with another bride. You want someone who is going to be focused and able to concentrate on you and you alone. Of course you will want to have a discussion about price. If you have budgeted an amount for this service, talk to the consultant about your budget and see what they say. They will be able to give you an idea if you are in the same ballpark or not. What do they require in order to reserve their services? Will they provide you with a contract or do they just work off of a verbal agreement? We recommend that you never work with anyone who will not provide you with a contract for both parties to sign. Ask to see their portfolio, it should give you a great sense of what they are capable of and whether you think you would like them working on you. Are they wedded to a specific makeup brand? Make sure you get the name of any of the brands they would use on you and do some research on it to see if it is professional grade. This is essential. Talk a bit about the pains they go to in order to sanitize their makeup products and brushes. How did they receive their training? It is essential that the one you end up hiring have worked on numerous brides. Ask for testimonials and references that you can check on. And don't forget to pay attention to their personality. Remember, they will be with you just before your wedding ceremony so you want a calming influence and someone who is upbeat. Also, make sure they are a really good listener. You don't want someone who just ignores your ideas.

Do they recommend a trial session? We do. This is a great way to evaluate them in a much deeper way. It will also give you a sense whether you work well together or not and with something so personal this is important. It will also show you what they can do and they can show off their knowledge.

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