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Find Your Nashville Wedding Bartender

Quite often, when people start to book various vendors for their wedding, some of the vendors are put on the back shelf because they are deemed to be less important. When in reality, some of these vendors can be just as important in terms of how your guests are treated and if you were to hire a vendor that provided poor service in that particular area, you would be very unhappy with how things turned out. So, in essence we are suggesting to you that none of your vendors be taken for granted because they are all important in their own way. And this especially goes for the mobile bartender service that you will be seeking. Let's face it, people love food and drink and they especially look forward to food and drink that is provided at a wedding. One reason for this is that there is oftentimes something unusual provided that they do not normally partake in and the other reason is everything is free. But in the interests of you wanting your guests to have the best experience they could possibly have, hiring a professional bartending service is very important. It is like many things, you won't notice anything is wrong until you have a sub-par vendor trying to serve your guests. Make sure that this doesn't happen, take your time and search the Nashville area like Sherlock Holmes would search for a criminal. Be methodical and have a plan and you can't go wrong. We have provided a game plan for you below.

The candidate you are seeking needs to be of a high quality, experienced, professional and friendly. Again, do not take this for granted. If you are tempted to not give this hire the attention it deserves, imagine your reception with an inept bartender. The best way to start your search is to make a list of potential candidates. Start by asking your family, friends and coworkers. One of them might have been to a wedding recently and saw firsthand a mobile bartender in action. Another option is to do a Google search for "mobile bartenders in the Nashville area." Checkout the results page thoroughly and read reviews on any that look interesting. You can also take a look at their website if they have one. But if it is not professional in appearance or in terms of the information, move on. Ask your wedding vendors that are already in the fold, they should have a suggestion or two. When you have at least 3 candidates, setup a meeting to discuss the possibilities of hiring them. Ask them how long they have been in business. How many weddings have they worked? This is very important because you need to make sure they have real bartending experience. And that includes not just knowing how to mix drinks but also how to handle personalities.

Find out if they carry General Liability Insurance. This should be a must have in your eyes. Talk for a bit about the kind of training they have had. One thing you should insist on is that any bartender that would be provided to your wedding will have had responsible vendor training. This will protect you as well as your guests from potential tragedies. Ask them what you would need to provide and what they would provide. Talk about the logistics and how they setup and what time they need to be setup by. If you have to purchase the alcohol, get their input on how much you would need to purchase considering your guest count. How many bartenders will they be providing? The standard used by many bartending services is one bartender per every 75 guests. Find out what their dress code is.

You finally need to come down to having a discussion about price. How much will this service cost? Remember, the higher the quality is of anything, the more it usually costs. Do not try and get away with going cheap for this particular service. What about tips? You will probably be given the option of paying a certain amount yourself where your guests would not have to tip or you could go the route of allowing a tip jar on the bar. It really depends on what avenue you want to pursue in this regard. If you want to reserve their service, do they require a deposit? Once you have interviewed all of your candidates, it is time to weigh all of the pros and cons and make a final decision on who will be best for your wedding guests.

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